Discover my favoris retro video games ?

While consoles are becoming more powerful and cloud gaming is making its way into the console economy, retro gaming has never been more popular.

At the moment, one question comes up quite frequently since people are now interested in the phenomenon:

What is retrogaming?

Many definitions can be found on the internet, but retrogaming seems to remain a vague notion, rather unknown in the end, given the craze it generates on the internet, in the media and even among the general public. I do not claim to want to impose my definition at all, but simply to express my vision as a true nostalgic for a quality that is no longer being done in terms of games. Retrogaming is now popular : the first video game consoles were first introduced in the 1970s.

In 1972, the magnavox odyssey game was famous. The classic arcade game appelémore on web hosting for do the good choice

1 Macross

2 Paltabor


3 Star Fox

4 Shinobi

5 Mario




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