Windows10 Actuality

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What is an operating system?

When you turn on a computer, it boots up. Windows appear, menus pop up, etc. What could be more natural? Well it’s not that natural statistically! To achieve this small miracle of technology, consider that a base is installed on the computer.

Without this base, the computer is just a big box with which you won’t be able to do much (a little, no one or something that interests us in this course).

This base is called the operating system. Windows is in the first place and for any user an operating system (se) or operating system (os) in English.
This operating system will serve as a link between the machine and the user. Indeed, without it you could not use your computer.




The operating system will allow you to « communicate » with the components of the computer through a graphical user interface. Windows is the best known operating system, declined on several versions ranging from Windows 95 to Windows 10 and developed by the American company Microsoft. Windows is nowadays installed on about 90% of the automatisms in the professional environment. Windows startup: when you start your PC, Windows first checks the components, if Windows finds a new hardware that has just been added, it tries to install it directly, sometimes it asks for a floppy disk or a cd, containing the appropriate drivers.

If windows has problems at startup it starts in ‘no fail mode’, which is a mode that uses a minimum of drivers, but gives a possibility to access the computer to get a solution. If the startup is finished, we have access to the windows cabinet. The windows cabinet: the surface that the screen occupies is called the desktop, it is the Internet user’s work plan, on this plan are arranged articles, each object allows a file representing one of the following elements: a folder, an application, a peripheral or a document.